E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Services
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I.  Product Listing


  • US$0.60 per item. Each item can be a variation of one main product. For example, a t-shirt with different sizes (small, medium, large, XL, XXL) and different colors (white, red, yellow) makes the following listed as 1 item:
    1. White t-shirt, small size
    2. White t-shirt, large size
    3. White t-shirt, XL
    4. White t-shirt, XXL
    5. Red t-shirt, small size
    6. Red t-shirt, large size
    7. Red t-shirt, XL
    8. Red t-shirt, XXL
    9. Yellow t-shirt, small size
    10. Yellow t-shirt, large size
    11. Yellow t-shirt, XL
    12. Yellow t-shirt, XX

Processes involved:

  • Data mining if needed to be extracted from the manufacturer’s or supplier’s website
  • Product description research and minor reconstruction for SEO support
  • Data conversion to excel, csv or txt files as needed from pdf; scanned images; online catalog etc.
  • Use of html format for product description if needed (e.g., shopify requires this format)
  • Product image resizing only
  • Replacement of watermark/adding your own is +US$0.15 per image processed, and a one-time fee for each watermark design at US$35.00
  • Categorizing products; processing product attributes; and any other details needed to complete the features of product listing
  • Implementing proper product meta tagging to make your ecommerce website more SEO friendly
  • Bulk uploading of products to your website

Note: product processing applies only to one ecommerce website.

II.  Other product content update and maintenance          

Pricing: US$25.00/hour (quoted per project)
Processes involved:

  • SKU update (by bulk)
  • Product pricing review and updating/
  • Other content updates: title; meta tags; descriptions; attributes; categorization etc.

 Payment is required to commence the project.

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