Content Edit/Update


How it works:

  • Email us the content you want to be added to your website including the image/s if needed. We prefer your email to be in text or html format (just like how you type it in your email app).
  • We will then immediately post your emailed content to your website. Please note that you are responsible with all the possible errors in your content sent to us.

Image or graphic enhancing/editing: This service is not included in our content update/edit service. However, we can do this for you at extra charge (to be quoted).

Bulk content editing/update: Simply email us the file you want us to write and upload to your website. Please note that files should not be in image format (e.g., jpg, png, etc.). Files in image format belong to our image or graphic enhancing/, which requires extra charge.

Note: Other services such as content research and file conversion from image to text and manual editing of possible text errors from OCR conversion will have extra charge starting at US$5.50/page (depending on the complexity of the file).

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