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Got a business? Get a website!

We will do it all for you so you don't have to, or build it yourself without the need of learning codes!

Half-Dozen Reasons Why You Should Have a Website for Your Business

  1. Add credibility to your business by having your own custom website.
  2. Give your clients a more detailed information about your business.
  3. Ensure delivery of your client's communication to your inbox.
  4. Post without limits.
  5. Avoid competitors from showing up while browsing about your business.
  6. Continuous online presence without being blocked.

Extra Features

Our Managed Web Hosting Plans come with the following bonus features:

No Coding Needed

No coding needed. All you need to do is add your contents and some information about your business.


Protect your privacy for free with the free domain name that comes with any of our plans. No extra secret free. Promise.

Improved Security

Website security auto-update; Anti-fraud feature; Spam protection; DDos protection

Blazing Fast Performance

High-performance web hosting powered with NGINX over SSD. We host our own media/CDN, which makes your website run faster.

Editable theme layouts

Want to change the look of your website? You can do it yourself with our drag and drop features and many more, depending on the CMS you are using.

Unlimited Pages

Enjoy blogging/posting with our unlimited page feature (depends on the disk limit your plan allows).

Content review

Allow your posts to be reviewed by your visitors for improved website interaction.

Automatic backup

Protect loss of your data with our weekly backup.

SEO-friendly and ready

Comes with Yoast SEO that analyzes your content's correct metadata/search engine-friendliness, readability and many more.

*Promo rate for the first 6 months. Regular monthly price applies thereafter (monthly renewal). All payments are non-refundable, cancel anytime.
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