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Starter Web Hosting @ Monthly Payment term / WP-AV-EL Theme
US$14.99/month promo price with Monthly Payment term; renews at US$14.99/month at Monthly Payment term (FREE setup).
Monthly Payment + US$35.00 one-time setup fee


starts @ US$5.99/mo*

  • FREE custom domain name (any one of the following: .com, .de, .info, .mobi, .name, .net, .org)
  • Premium service good for 1 domain
  • Premium template
  • COMPLETE web site installation/set-up
  • Unlimited pages
  • 5GB disk space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth (up to 30,000 monthly visits)
  • Self-update/edit/add contents
  • Plugin/module update and maintenance
  • Website security maintenance & DDos defense
  • Captcha-protected comment forms
  • Web Spam protection and maintenance
  • FREE SSL Certificate installation (Let's Encrypt)
  • 1 Custom domain email address set-up
  • Responsive/Mobile device ready
  • SEO-Friendly and SEO-Ready design
  • Website repair as needed
  • Website loading performance optimization
  • Website Usage:

  • Personal, informational, blogging
  • News
  • Small Business E-commerce solution (up to 6,000 products). Please click here for extra product listing services.
  • Real estate with property listings (up to 1,000 property listings). Please click here for extra real estate property listing services.
  • Education/Learning Management System
  • Forum, Social Network
  • Payment Terms:

  • *US$5.99/month promo price when paid for 18 months; renews at US$10.99/month (FREE setup).
  • US$8.99/month promo price when paid for 6 months; renews at US$12.99/month (+US$25.00 one-time setup fee).
  • US$14.99/month (paid monthly) + US$35.00 one-time setup fee.
  • Website customization & content editing fee (one-time fee): US$120.00 (for Personal, informational, and blogging websites only). Products/real estate property listings not included. Please click here for product/real estate property listing services.

Extra features for our Managed Web Hosting Plan

Our Managed Web Hosting Plans come with the following bonus features:
  • No coding needed. All you need to do is add your contents and some information about your business.
  • High-performance web hosting powered with NGINX over SSD
  • FREE WHOIS privacy
  • Security: Website security auto-update; Anti-fraud feature; Spam protection; DDos protection
  • Data monitoring system/sales report: You can monitor your sales, customer’s transaction history (available on e-commerce websites only)
  • Unlimited pages
  • Editable theme layouts
  • SEO-friendly and ready
  • Automatic backup
  • Drag & Drop Website Editor
  • Captcha-protected contact form
  • Pre-installed premium plugins to improve your website's performance**.

For extra customization (e.g., image editing; theme color change (backgrounds and fonts); font customization; module installation/customization; POS (Point of Sales) and many more dependng on your request), please click THIS LINK.

All payments are non-refundable, cancel anytime.
**Depends on the theme of your choice. License code to upgrade our pre-installed premium plugins is not included. Some of these may require one-time or monthly fee. Purchasing license code from the third-party plugin authors is not required, but highly recommended. The plugins will remain functional even if they are not upgraded.
WP-AV-EL FREEmium Theme Series
Adding a domain name for this plan is FREE. CLICK HERE to check if your domain name is still available. If it is, COPY and PASTE it here.
Pricing for this service starts at $45.00, depending on its complexity/customization process. Please enter as much detail you can in teh field above.

What we offer:
  • Image editing for your logo or content image(s)
  • Module installation or extra website customization. The following are the most common recommended website features:
    • Search Engine Optimization (+US$80.00 includes: YOAST, Google Analytics, and sitemap)
    • GPDR (+US$45.00)
    • POS (Point of Sales) (+US$175.00 one-time fee)
    ... and many more depending on your request.
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