Website Content Update

I only need my website content regularly updated (I want to keep my current hosting status)

We offer the cheapest website content update but with quality service performance. Our rate is only US$5.50 per page (unlimited words or characters; image resizing included) billed monthly (total price = US$5.50 x number of pages updated). No subscription, no strings attached. This offer does not include ecommerce product listing.

How does it work?

  • Simply email or text us the content you want published on your website. No matter how long it is, price is the same. Image resizing as needed in included.

Do you check/correct grammar errors?

  • No. If you need this included in the task, we will charge you at US$25.00/hour. So please review your contents thoroughly before submitting to us. We will however check for spelling errors and correct them as needed.

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