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We build it all for you so you don't have to.
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  We Use Green Technology

Our data centers are powered with German technology ground water cooling system. Green technology is cheap, and we pass it on to you.

  Fast & Secure Website

Nobody wants a slow loading website. Our hosting is powered with the latest technology called SSD (Solid State Drive) and NGINX to make your website load faster and more secure.

Website Features

Set back and relax. We equip our websites with loads of features to answer your demands. Running it is the least of your worries!

FREE SSL certificate installation

We make your websites more secure with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate (from http:// to https://). Running your website with SSL installed is also required by Search Engine Optimization (improved search ranking).

Responsive Designs

Designs are user-friendly so that your website runs smoothly and efficiently in mobile devices at different platforms.

Free submission to major search engines

We do not leave your website lost in the internet. We submit it to 3 major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo

Secure & Customized Contact Form

We customize 1 contact form for each of your plan protected with captcha to prevent spams.

Website Repair

If your website breaks for some reason (like hacking, etc.), no worries. We do repair it!

Customizable Website Colors & Fonts

Want to change the colors or fonts of the premium template you chose from our plans? No worries. We do it for free. Just tell us so.

Social Network Integration

We can embed your social network buttons for sharing, etc. FREE of charge. Just tell us so!

Unlimited Pages

Write as much content as you want! Add, edit, update, delete - go ahead, have fun!

FREE Domain (for the first month)

Our domain name is only US$15.00/year, free for the first year including domain transfer (you are responsible for any charges applied to you by your previous domain host for transfer).

Free Domain Email Forever (while we host your website)

Having your own customized domain/website makes your business sound more professional. Having a customized, own domain email address makes it even better. That's why we include this with all the plans we offer.

... there's more...

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