How to Add your Custom Email Address for Mac OS

Desktop Configurations
(1) Go to Apple Mail and click the Mail toolbar on top and choose Add Account

(2) ... then choose Other Mail Account

(3) Add your custom email address

(4) Add mail server ns1.brickn.com for both Incoming and Outgoing email

Note: Make sure to enter your custom domain email address under User Name field
... then wait for it to establish the connection

(5) After this, you may be asked to trust the certificate. Click the accept button and set it to Trust Always, etc. Click the Accept or Trust button. You may also be asked to enter your computer's credentials. Go ahead with it so you can access your email address. Don't worry about the SSL certificate warning. This is normal as our server uses our own SSL Certificate code.

(6) Now when the image below appears, click Done button. But we are not yet really done. You would need to adjust the proper ports in step 7.

(7) Adjust the proper port numbers. Look in the right side bar of your mail app, then point your cursor to your newly added custom domain email address. Click the Edit link

... you will be taken to where you can configure the ports. Follow the red marks in the following image:

  • Incoming Mails Server (IMAP): uncheck Automatically manage connection settings and make sure port 993 is entered (check Use TLS/SSL)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): uncheck Automatically manage connection settings and make sure port 465 is entered (check Use TLS/SSL)

That's it!

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